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Promotion services

Along with AI technology we provide unique smart system of promotion imported products in China


Thanks to many years of experience in the import of FMCG products (food and drinks) and cooperation with all participants in this market in China, we have developed a unique system of examination and promotion of new products in China.

The system is designed not only to promote FMCG products, but also services and technologies that are associated both with this segment of consumer goods and with the promotion and implementation of high technology and related services.

How it works?

The system is built on the complex processing of a large amount of data, both from open Chinese sources, and the analysis of commercial information from closed sources when verifying the entire amount of data based on the existing experience of our constant and attracted experts and certified specialists.

What you get?

As a result of cooperation with us, you get a phased detailed plan, according to which we carry out a step-by-step process to bring your product to the Chinese market with a full understanding of both the final result and the intermediate steps.

For whom?

We invite to cooperate manufacturers of goods and developers of technologies in the field of:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
  • Production of FMCG goods (including food and drink).
  • Health products and cosmetics
  • Chemical and biochemical products.
  • Modern and promising building materials.
  • Products for recreation, tourism and entertainment technology.
  • Products for organic farming (crop and livestock) and fish farming.

Need promotion in China?

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