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Our products

Based on our research and technology, we develop and implement following artificial intelligence products.

Al Bus

YM IT Bus incorporates the latest Al technologies, such as L3-L4 autonomous driving, in-house developed biometrics and payment capabilities, and smart retail and advertising options to reimagine the mass transport experience from a commuter’s perspective. The bus runs on a lithium iron phosphate battery and can operate for more than eight hours per charge.

Yummi Mobile Restaurant

Yummi Mobile Restaurant is a mobile restaurant which can be customized according to customers' requirements. It is equipped with technologies such as autonomous driving, machine vision, biological intelligence, voice interaction, electric driving system, intelligent kitchen and food delivering management system. This vehicle has flexible mobility and is environmentally friendly. We can provide various customized solutions such as extended sunshades, umbrellas and foldable dining tables. This bus can be used for branding activities, regular restaurant purposes and special events. It fully supports operations in business districts, parks, communities, science centers, joint office areas, national exhibition centers, sightseeing areas either in static or mobile modes.

YM Road Sweeper

YM Road Sweeper incorporates highly advanced machine vision technology, panoramic image recognition algorithms and deep learning neural networks to bring new capabilities in the next-generation commercial robots. The YM Road Sweeper can autonomously plan routes, adjust to changing environments and perform tasks to a satisfactory level. The robot has a tested operation time of four hours and can be operated manually or autonomously.

Biometric Access

Biometric Access is equipped with a built-in palm-vein recognition system and high-resolution cameras to acquire, recognize, and analyze biological characteristics. It can also control auto-gates through intelligent identification recognition system. It consists of the queue buffering-guiding area, identity verification area, and access control area, which can be easily transported and installed. Plus, the data is connected to the office or property management platform which provides efficient solutions for visiting, reception and daily management procedures.

Palm YT Access Scanner

Palm YT Access Scanner is equipped with Al technologies such as machine vision and palm-vein recognition system. It is used for access management in communities and campuses. It also supports multimodal recognition modes such as palm-vein recognition and face recognition, providing control access management and data management.

Biometric Access Lock

Biometric Access Lock is a new intelligent multi-functional door lock equipped with an internal biometric intelligent lock. It is integrated with software and hardware technologies like bio-intelligence, palm-vein recognition system, human body sensing, anti-theft capturing, digital camera, hardware encryption and anti-defense systems. The lock can control the channel switch through intelligent identity verification, providing a more complete solution with better management mechanism and more convenient usage.

YM Al Vending Machine

Al Vending Machine recognizes goods and shopping behaviors through Al algorithms and technologies such as machine vision and deep learning. According to customers' requirements and preferences, the flexible space inside the machine and the commodity's SKU can be easily adjusted, allowing the machine to be utilized for any kind of merchandise and to decrease operation cost. The machine provides consumers with excellent shopping experiences. Once registered, the customer can scan his palm to open the door, take goods and leave. When the consumer closes the door, the machine will complete payment automatically.

Al Cigarette Vending Machine

Al Cigarette Vending Machine integrates the recognition system and face recognition technology to stop the under-aged from buying the cigarettes. At the same time, it can be adapted for different business models such as retail and wholesale. The intelligent back-end management system allows automatic inventory count, data updates, replenishment reminder, etc. Also, big data computing ability for consumer data analysis can have better product portfolio and provide operational support. In addition, the dynamic and static advertising capabilities of self-selling devices provide merchants with more value-added services.

Commercial Water Dispenser

Commercial Water Dispenser is used to recognize bottled water and purchase behaviors intelligently through Al technologies and algorithms such as machine vision and gravity sensor. The intelligent vending system can complete behaviors such as opening machine doors by scanning QR code, buying bottled water conveniently, and completing payment automatically. The intelligent management system can update sales data and quantity of stock to notify the merchant to replenish it in time. This technology will advance the market and save costs.

Automated Vacuum Robot

The Automated Vacuum Robot uses laser, 3D vision, multi-ultrasonic and infrared fusion technology to automatically locate, navigate and avoid obstacles and pedestrians. In addition, it has other functions including air purification and UV disinfection to perform tasks such as cleaning indoor carpets or areas.

Hospitality Robot

Hospitality Robot utilizes AI technologies such as autonomous driving, voice interaction and biological recognition system; it has functions such as reception guidance, merchandise delivery, voice service consultations, venue inspections, etc. It is able to avoid obstacles and pedestrians by completing repetitive tasks, the robot can not only improve the overall hotel service images, but also reduce labor cost.

Mobile Vending Robot

Mobile Vending Robot is equipped with Al technologies such as machine vision, palm vein recognition system and autonomous driving. This smart robot can provide services such as goods recognition, selling and self-checkout in the railway carriages. It can efficiently reduce pressure of rail attendants.

Security Patrol Robot

Security Patrol Robot is a robot that can patrol areas automatically and can be programmed as per customers' requirements. Its monitoring system provides connection services through an online control center. It utilizes technologies such as machine vision to complete functions including automatic patrolling, identifying and monitoring faces and environmental awareness, etc. It can also detect abnormal behaviors, deal with dangerous situations and make decisions through an online control system.

Integrated Biometrics

Integrated Biometrics is our strategic layout based on the concept of ' One Palm, One City’. Based on our palm recognition system, it provides services like identity verification, palm recognition, entry-exit management, financial payment, data security, daily-life service, product management and office management, etc. Al CITY has a series of hardware and software products which cover different scenarios like office buildings, government entity, community, transportation, unmanned retail and school management. AI CITY benefits not only the urban construction and industry management, but also brings transformation and development. The palm will be our “lifelong ID" in the Al world.

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