About us

Yangmeng Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2015 in Shanghai (China) and has become a fast-growing Artificial Intelligence company that aims to become a world class Al maker platform.


“Intellectual dreams create reality” — using this guiding principle Yangmeng IT has made breakthroughs in scientific research and applications in various industries, such as Autonomous Driving, Robotics, Al CITY, Biometrics, and Al Retail amongst others

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What we do

Computer vision

Yangmeng IT Technology’s machine vision technology is based on convolutional neural network algorithms for processing and intelligent analysis of video images to identify various objects and events.

Yangmeng IT Technology has developed a deep learning method based on contextual analysis and product recognition technology, even in mobile applications, which are suitable for unmanned retailers. With a high recognition rate, the software can coordinate multi-machine and multi-frame coordinated error corrections, dynamic background removal, and automatic closing functions under various scenarios.

Autonomous Driving

In the field of autonomous driving, we employs vision-oriented multi-sensor fusion technology, combined with precise positioning navigation, enhanced learning decision systems and optimal vehicle safety, planning control technologies to create high performance, low cost, and integrated vehicles for sustainability and durability.

The various software and hardware platforms work together with the auto-driving technologies to provide a seamless, driverless experience that people will be able to enjoy in the future.

Biological Intelligence

Yangmeng IT Technology has developed a biometric identification technology based on the individual palm veins obtained in an individual through infrared cameras and sensors. This internally developed system has yielded a passing level of the error acceptance rate of 99.99%, and boasts an industry leading recognition rate at home and abroad.

Our palm vein technology is being used in our access gates, security locks, and registration machines. It forms an integral part of our biometric hardware products, which can be widely used in businesses, offices, banks, public spaces, homes, and many others.

Semantic Intelligence

Focusing on the intelligent aural understanding of visual cues, using various visual analysis algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) Yangmeng IT Technology hopes to give machines cognitive intelligence with visual reasoning abilities.

This capability will play an important role in the fields of intelligent cities, intelligent vision and autonomous driving. It will continue to push the boundaries of realization of reasoning-based interpretation of event extraction, voice assistance for people with visual impairment, and pre-emptive and predictive analysis during the numerous complicated scenarios encountered during autonomous driving and other situations.

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